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Hi everyone, what was supposed to be a monthly blog, has taken all but a year to produce Number 3! That is definitely not through a lack of material, we have just been so busy. Nothing Naughty has opened a second factory in Hamilton, with both Tauranga and Hamilton working very hard to keep up with demand. I was browsing a prominent webstore yesterday and saw a comparable product complete with showy packaging to what we sell. Their price $52.90 Our price $17.95. And the reason for that? We mad...

November 11, 2016

Nothing Naughty Changed Me

"For this months blog, I was planning to share some of my own travels on the journey to a healthier lifestyle, when Karen our Hamilton Rep, told me about Jane. Jane's story captures perfectly both my own experience and my thoughts on how we can move towards a healthier lifestyle through simple changes and making better choices. I am grateful to Jane for being open to share what she has discovered, I am sure many of you will identify with it as I did. Thanks Jane for the inspiration!" Peter....

June 26, 2015

How it all began

Hi to all, Firstly along with the team I would like to thank you all so much for being so supportive of our venture. I can tell you that before Nothing Naughty we were in a pretty dark place. As contract manufacturers we were making products for Companies that were filled with ingredients that were definitely doing more harm than good and food was never meant to be that! Food is to sustain life not shorten it. Thanks to you, we are now making products we are really proud of. We are not...

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