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Nothing Naughty customer service star Jasmine with our fabulous Fastways courier Bob
Nothing Naughty customer service star Jasmine with our fabulous Fastways courier Bob

Hi everyone, what was supposed to be a monthly blog, has taken all but a year to produce Number 3! That is definitely not through a lack of material, we have just been so busy. Nothing Naughty has opened a second factory in Hamilton, with both Tauranga and Hamilton working very hard to keep up with demand.

I was browsing a prominent webstore yesterday and saw a comparable product complete with showy packaging to what we sell. Their price $52.90 Our price $17.95. And the reason for that? We made a decision very early on in the creation of Nothing Naughty to provide healthier options at affordable prices, whether it be protein bars, shakes, supplements or snacks.

As a business, an industry and as a country, we must be able to provide healthier options that are not financially crippling. I can only assume by your great support that we are on the right track. In our case we have been able to achieve this by being absolutely "hands on". No flash office, overseas jaunts or corporate retreats for us.

Our marketing department consists of our dear Carole who within her part time position juggles the fundraising part of our business, new packaging requirements, marketing campaigns, Facebook and our great website which she has achieved on a shoestring.

Our sales office consists of Christine who manages the sometimes hectic requirements of Nothing Naughty with the demands of three delightful sons and an all too often absent husband (Ian) a fellow Director. Our young customer service star Jasmine is an inspiration. For anyone who would say the younger generation don't have a good work ethic, they should meet Jasmine!

Our hardworking production team (headed up by Ian who is always at work long before normal people would even dream of waking and rarely goes home before dark) have really bought into what we are trying to achieve, taking real pride in producing great products with an emphasis on wellbeing as opposed to profit.

In closing thank you for your fantastic support this year, please carry on spreading the word, you are our best advertisement! The more customers the greater the range we can offer at prices that makes sense. Wishing you a safe and happy holiday season.


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