How it all began

Hi to all,

Firstly along with the team I would like to thank you all so much for being so supportive of our venture.

I can tell you that before Nothing Naughty we were in a pretty dark place. As contract manufacturers we were making products for Companies that were filled with ingredients that were definitely doing more harm than good and food was never meant to be that! Food is to sustain life not shorten it.

Thanks to you, we are now making products we are really proud of. We are not perfect by a long stretch but we are using the best ingredients that are practical and we are keeping a close eye out for anything that may improve our range, in saying that I welcome your input, if there is something that you can suggest we will certainly look into it. I would like to think we are in this together.

It is my intention to put together a ''blog'' each month with things that I hope will be of interest to you and share bits of information that we have picked up along the way. Our factory shop is open Monday to Friday and we love visitors as everyone has a story. Making better food choices is a journey full of highs and lows and thwart with temptation. We hope that we can make a difference. Until next month, you will get Nothing Naughty from me.

Peter McKee, Managing Director


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