Nothing Naughty Changed Me

"For this months blog, I was planning to share some of my own travels on the journey to a healthier lifestyle, when Karen our Hamilton Rep, told me about Jane. Jane's story captures perfectly both my own experience and my thoughts on how we can move towards a healthier lifestyle through simple changes and making better choices. I am grateful to Jane for being open to share what she has discovered, I am sure many of you will identify with it as I did. Thanks Jane for the inspiration!"
Our snack box at work changed to a Nothing Naughty Snack box in January. Every year for the past 15 years I have started my year with a goal to loose weight. However by the end of each year had put weight on and I was not getting any younger, the older I got the harder it was getting. This year nothing naughty made it possible. Eating is an addiction and I would often skip meals and eat the wrong things due to not prioritising health and wellness. Chocolate and chips were satisfying alternatives. At work I would get busy and choose the wrong snacks to fill a gap between meals. I started choosing a snack from the Nothing Naughty snack box and found that I stayed fuller for longer.
Once I had lost a couple of kilos by doing nothing other than replacing my snacks with a Nothing Naughty option, I decided to see a nutritionist and become a bit more serious about loosing weight. My nutritionist was able to incorporate my Nothing Naughty snacks and Nothing Naughty protein powder into a sensible diet to loose 16kg drop from a size 16 to a size 10/12 in 14 weeks. Not only do I look better but I feel better and now have a better understanding of what to do to keep the weight off.
Jane - June 2015
Jane - June 2015

I always carry a Nothing Naughty protein bar in my bag and car for times that I would previously miss a meal or eat the wrong foods. Recently my dad was in hospital and my planned day of meals was quite different, Nothing Naughty gave me options as well as healthy snacks for mum and the family while we waited. It is so important to eat at the right times and the right foods, not to skip meals and drink water.
My weight loss and change in eating habits has made a huge change in my life, both at work and at home. No longer do I struggle to find something to wear; I don't buy cover up clothes anymore but "new me" clothes instead. I have replaced all of my work uniform and hopefully inspired others to take the easier option of choosing a healthy snack to make weight loss stay off. I have more energy and make decisions quicker. It's a pity it took me 15 years to find the Nothing Naughty range of healthy snacks.


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