Smoothie Recipes


Green Smoothie Bowl

June 25, 2019
Looking for new ways to increase your daily dose of the green stuff? Green smoothie bowls are a great way to up your daily vegetable intake whilst disguising them as a tasty breakfast, or snack.  This recipe includes avocado for added creaminess and is 100% vegan friend...
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Frozen bananas + protein + milk + always make for a dreamy combo. This Salted Chocolate Thickshake is made extra thick with the ratio of frozen banana to milk.  Even though this dessert treat uses wholesome and nutritious ingredients, bananas still contain a decent amou...
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Start the day with a power-packed breakkie that you can be as creative as you like with! A great post-morning-workout breakkie with a good mix of protein, healthy carbs and a range of nutrients & antioxidants.Super Smoothie Bowl Ingredients1 small-medium frozen ripe banana, ...
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Because pumpkins are such a 'mare to chop when raw, I like to cook a whole one in the oven then chop it up. Which means I have an abundance of pumpkin in the fridge for a week and have to find ways to sneak it in to every meal. Here's one of my fav pumpkin smoothie recipes i...
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