Prebiotic 250g

A soluble, dietary fibre extracted exclusively from chicory root.  

Protein Crackers Add water & bake

Easy and affordable!  There are a whole lot of crackers to be made from each pack.  You can choose how rustic or crunchy you like them.  Vegetarian and vegan friendly.  Gluten free too!

Nutritional Yeast 200g

Versatile and popular as an ingredient in cheese substitutes.  Nutritional Yeast is often used to emulate cheese in vegan dishes, thicken sauces and dressings. 

Cocoa Butter 250g for $17.95

This versatile product can be used for cooking, raw recipes,  beauty products and more.
Cocoa butter is dairy free! It is actually the fat portion of the cocoa bean, making it a completely vegetarian fat source.

Apricot Paste can also be added to smoothies and oats for natural sweetness as well as a natural ingredient in a wide array of baked goods, and sauces. Perfect for mess free bliss balls.

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ProActive Protein Powder

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