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Nothing Naughty Protein Bars are made fresh with no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners. Don't settle for anything less than good quality NZ whey protein and our local know how. On top of all the good stuff, these bars are also gluten free. This winning combination makes our protein bars the popular choice in town.

Available in 7 flavours. Buy a box of your favourite flavour or a mixed sampler box of all 6 flavours.

Our Promise

Affordable, great tasting FRESH protein bars, made locally in New Zealand with Kiwi tastes in mind

Only $29.00 box of 12 bars delivered*

* Additional fee applies for rural delivery
Mixed Sampler Box

Mixed Sampler Box

Mixed Sampler Box $29.00 delivered*

Are you new to Nothing Naughty Protein Bars? Our sampler mixed box contains our range of flavours. Try them all yourself or share with your nearest and dearest!

*fee applies to rural deliveries

What they are saying about Nothing Naughty Protein Bars on Facebook

The pineapple protein bar tastes like a pineapple lump but without the super sweet taste or guilty feeling. Love it!!! And my clients do to.

I decided to purchase a box but thought I'd try all the flavours. Now I'm hooked and I can't decided which flavour I like the most!!! Thank goodness you can get a mixed selection!!! Really nice eaten straight out of the fridge! And they're not dry like other protein bars and doesn't have all those weird ingredients in them which you can't pronounce.

I am in love with the Vanilla Bean Protein Bar, I found these in the vending machine at work. Perfect!!


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