1KG Isolate Whey protein $49.95.00 Incl FREE Delivery*

27.1g Protein 6.8g BCAA 1.3g Carbs

Top Quality @ Low Direct Prices

No middleman to clip your ticket!  Buy direct and local from fellow kiwi's. Made in the sunny Bay of Plenty, you can trust we know what is in every tub. When we have the best whey protein powder produced right here in NZ, why would we choose anything else?

Need more than 1KG?

If you are looking to buy bigger , contact us today for prices on bulk purchase.

NZ Pasture Rich - Internationally recognised as the best source

The best whey protein without a doubt comes from NZ  pasture fed cows.  As clean as it can be without any antibotics or hormones, they are banned in NZ diary production (and rightly so!) .  NZ pasture raised cows are recognised as the best source for high quality diary, they also have the most unbeatable views in the world!

This rich tasting high quality whey isolate protein is in a class of its own.


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