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L-Glutamine Supplement 200g

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•  Anti-catabolic (preserves muscle tissue)
•  Promotes optimal immune function

Intensive training regimes and other stresses can greatly deplete glutamine stores, leading to impaired immune function and muscle breakdown. L-Glutamine is an essential amino acid which promotes greater maintenance of lean muscle tissue, optimal function, increased strength, endurance and recovery.

For muscle growth : Use with other supplements such as Whey Protein

Recommended Use: Add 1.5 teaspoons to water or protein shake. Suggested use up to 3 serves daily

Nutrition Information

Servings per pack: 40  Serving Size 5g ( one & a half level teaspoons)
Ingredient: L-Glutamine

Typical Composition     per 5g serve        per 100g
                                        in water

Energy (KJ)                     84g                           1860g
Protein                              5g                             100g
Fat                                    0g                              0g
- saturated                        0g                              0g
Carbohydrate                   0g                              0g
- Sugars                           0g                              0g
Sodium                            0g                              0g

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