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Unrivalled blend of antioxidant rich fruit, vegetable & chia seeds. This super food solution ensures that some fruits that are harder to come by, can now easily be on the menu.
Simple to take, mix in your favourite smoothie or shake blend, or add to fruit juice or yogurt.

Nutrition Information
Servings per packet 50  Serving Size 5.00g

                                   Average                       Average 
                                   Quantity per                Quantity per
                                   Serving                        100 g

Energy                            84   kJ                       1670  kJ
Protein                            0.5   g                            10.9   g
Fat, total                         0.6   g                            12.3   g
- saturated                      0.1   g                             1.9    g
Carbohydrate                  2.8   g                           55.4    g
- sugars                           1.2   g                           24.3    g
Sodium                               5 mg                          91    mg

Ingredients: Ground chia seeds, chicory root , cranberry, green banana, organic lacuma, beetroot, organic mesquite, yacon powder, organic acai, organic grape skin, organic camucamu ,organic maqui, organic monk fruit, coconut sugar

Directions: Add 5 g ( one scoop) to shakes and smoothies.  Can also be mixed with water, fruit juice or yogurt. Introduce gradually to enable the body to get used to any detoxification reaction.

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