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Lean Bean Protein 500g CHOCOLATE FUDGE

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In our opinion, this is the best tasting plant-based protein yet! Made from sustainably sourced Australian fava beans and blended at our factory here in NZ with all natural flavours and plant-based sweeteners.

Fava beans (also known as faba beans or broad beans) are 90% protein making them an excellent source of plant-based protein and amino acids. Fava bean protein has a mild beany flavour meaning only a small amount of added natural flavour is needed to provide a great taste. With a light, fluffy texture our Lean Bean Protein forms a creamy blend when shaken with milk or water, blended into smoothies, yoghurt, baking or wherever your imagination takes you!

Our fava beans are sustainability sourced and produced from Australia and recent research shows that fava beans help improve soil's physical properties, such as bulk density, porosity and water content at field capacity. As a nitrogen-fixing crop, fava beans do not require fertiliser and are a sustainable crop that can help improve soil fertility. Grain yields following faba plantings are also found to be higher, and after stripping and drying the beans the dry matter can be used as eco-friendly green compost.

That's a win, win, win in our books! So go on, try out our new Lean Bean Protein and we are sure you won't regret it :)

Ingredients: Fava bean protein isolate, cocoa, natural chocolate flavour, guar gum, natural sweetener (stevia & thaumatain).

Full nutritional information on panel in product photos 

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Tastes amazing and mixes really well. Totally delicious.

Kate Mills
so yum

this is the first time i’ve bought protein and omg it’s so yum will defs buy again


Love this protein powder!! It’s smooth and creamy and doesn’t leave me feeling bloated like some powders do. It’s soooo good!

💯 % recommend

My new fav! The best tasting protein powder (whey and non-whey) I’ve had. And no bloating, tummy problems afterwards. Get it down ya!

Meredith Brocklebank
Great taste

I really love the flavour and texture of this protein. Although I’m still not game enough to drink it without milk.