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Collagen Bars - Box of 12

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Please Note: We have updated the recipe! All orders will be sent with our new bar and packaging. Check out the Nutritional Information for any changes. Enjoy!


Coconut & Chia with Dark Chocolate Bar

It's what's inside that counts. 10g of collagen in a delicious coconut and chia bar, lightly coated in dark chocolate. The convenient way to get a collagen boost, perfect for the handbag, gym bag, or workplace for a snack on the go.

Contains: sulphites, soy
May contain milk, tree nuts, sesame seeds, egg


  • Ingredients

    Ingredients: Coconut [dessicated coconut, preservative (223)], dried dates, dark compound chocolate [sugar, vegetable fat, cocoa, emulsifier (322,492,476), collagen peptides powder (bovine), chia seeds.
  • Nutritional information

    Nutrition Information
    Serving per Package 1 Serving Size 40g
                                            Average Quantity      Average Quantity 
                                            per serving                   per 100g
    Energy                            746 kj                           1860 kj
    Protein                             11.2g                            28.0g

    - collagen                        10g                               25g
    Fat Total                           9.4g                             23.5g
    - Saturated                      7.0g                             17.6g
    Carbohydrates              11.3g                            28.1g
    Fibre                                  3.8g                              9.6g
    Sodium                             38mg                           95mg

Customer Reviews

Based on 63 reviews
Tastes yum and filling

Great tasting bar, is a bit on the sweet side but as is natural sugars is still relatively good in terms of carbs. So happy to have a DF, GF option for on the run, and great that I can have my collagen without needing a smoothie everyday.
would love a better price option for buying a box though.

Natalie P
Collagen bar super tasty

I found the collagen bar very tasty, better than I was expecting and I would definitely buy again. It was soft and chewy.

Fiona K.
Not my fave way to get extra collagen

I love the Nothing Naughty protein bars, so was keen to try the collagen bar for something different. The collagen bar is softer, but I found much sweeter, too sweet for my taste. I usually take collagen mixed with peppermint tea and I’ll stick to that + the protein bars instead.

Sally Garrett
My favorite

Coconut and dark chocolate, very tasty.


One of my favs, closest thing to a chewy muesli bar I've had in a long time. Dark chocolate and coconut pairing as a classic.