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Introducing our new single-serve sachet range! After many requests we now have our best selling Premium Pea Protein, Whey Protein, and Pure Collagen powders available in single-serve sachet boxes. You can find them under our "Collagen Powder" "Plant Protein" and "Whey Protein" sections of the site. Grab them on our January launch special price of two boxes for $29.95 here

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Keto friendly foods

‘Keto’ or the ‘ketogenic diet’ is a commonly used phrase nowadays, particularly for those looking to lose weight. It is beneficial for so much more than this though! Areas of benefit include mental clarity, improved energy levels, heightened brain function, slowing down/stopping epileptic seizures, hormone control, diabetes prevention/reversal… and the list goes on. Tempting right? 

Why choose Nothing Naughty?

Our mission is to fuel individuals towards their fullest potential through developing nourishing and convenient nutrition that supports optimal physical and mental health.

Locally owned and made

Why are our prices significantly lower than other brands? It's simple, we manufacture all our own products from our Waikato factory with no middle man. Which means we can assure premium quality nutrition at arguably, the best prices in NZ.

Nourishing and intentional

All our ingredients are carefully sourced and chosen to craft what we believe to be the most nourishing (and tasty!) nutritional product for it's purpose.  Nothing unnecessary, just what your body needs.

Keep it real

Real people. Real food. Real images. No BS. Just quality products that can make a real difference to the well-being of our customers. And no objectification of women or other bodies to sell our products.

We value sustainability

We are passionate about preserving the planet and are continually working towards a smaller carbon footprint through all aspects of the production process.  We work with leading NZ packaging suppliers using recycled and recyclable plastics to minimise impact on landfill and the environment.  

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