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Keto Sweetener 300g

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A blend of three natural low-carb sweeteners - erythritol, stevia and katemfe fruit extract (thaumatain)  to make the perfect keto-friendly sugar substitute.  Use in a 1:1 ratio in place of sugar in baking and other recipes.

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Customer Reviews

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Keith W.

I've used this product in a lot of my baking and cooking of desserts. It has definitely stood up to the cooking tests and tastes.
Great product 👍💯

Caitlin Borgfeldt
Perfect product great price

Erythritol is the only sugar alternative I can tolerate at any volume without getting awful side effects (I’ll spare you the details), so having a good sized bag with the baking friendly texture is just fabulous.

I still liked having granules for some recipes, but this works well in most and the flavour blend is just that little bit more well rounded than erythritol alone, or even erythritol and stevia.

I agree with others about the zip lock struggle, have acquired a jar to resolve that, so all sorted.

Will definitely buy again.

Helen Charles
Surprise - Like Icing Sugar

I got a surprise when I opened this packet as I was expecting it to be like sugar granules, but it’s like icing sugar.

Certainly great for baking, needs to be sieved though, as quite big lumps and I found it’s like a white cloud of dust when pouring, phew!

Good size and print and I’ll buy again.

Fabulous alternative

I’ve been loving cooking with this. My recipes are nice & light. Best of all I don’t have to order it from overseas

Michelle W
Great Value

Great taste, perfect for keto baking and such. Much better value for money than the supermarket alternatives