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Whey - Whey Isolate - Plant

Premium Quality, Lowest Price.

Buy direct and local from fellow kiwi's. Made amongst the lush pastures of the Waikato from grass-fed cows you can trust we know what is in every tub. Great for those looking to build and maintain lean muscle mass.

1KG Whey Protein + Matcha $37.00 + FREE* Delivery!!

Pure NZ Whey Protein great for muscle gain, recovery and as a dietary supplement to reach daily protein requirements. Blended with natural Matcha powder known for its fat burning properties.

Cookies n Cream | Cream Caramel | French Vanilla | Rich Chocolate | Summer Strawberry

23g Protein

6.1g BCAA

3g Carbs

1KG Whey Protein Isolate $49.95 + FREE* Delivery

Higher concentration of protein and BCAAs, less carbs and fat.  Perfect for those training hard who want bigger gains and faster muscle recovery.

French Vanilla | Rich Chocolate | Summer Strawberry

27.1g Protein

6.8g BCAA

1.3g Carbs

ProActive Plant Protein 1kg $29.95 + FREE* Delivery

GMO Free European Pea. Lean Protein perfect for vegans or females who find whey protein difficult to digest.

Cream Caramel | French Vanilla | Rich Chocolate | Summer Strawberry

21.4g Protein

4.7g BCAA

1.9g Carbs

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