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Whey - Whey Isolate - Plant

High Quality, Low Price.

Buy direct and local from fellow kiwi's. Made amongst the lush pastures of the Waikato from grass-fed cows you can trust we know what is in every tub. Great for those looking to build and maintain lean muscle mass.

1KG Whey Protein + Matcha $37.00 + FREE* Delivery!!

Pure NZ Whey Protein great for muscle gain, recovery and as a dietary supplement to reach daily protein requirements. Blended with natural Matcha powder known for its fat burning properties.

23g Protein, 6.1g BCAA, 3g Carbs

Cookies n Cream | Cream Caramel | French Vanilla | Rich Chocolate | Summer Strawberry

1KG Whey Protein Isolate $49.95 + FREE* Delivery

Higher concentration of protein and BCAAs, less carbs and fat.  Perfect for those training hard who want bigger gains and faster muscle recovery.

27.1g Protein, 6.8g BCAA, 1.3g Carbs

French Vanilla | Rich Chocolate | Summer Strawberry

ProActive Plant Protein 1kg $29.95 + FREE* Delivery

GMO Free European Pea. Lean Protein perfect for vegans or females who find whey protein difficult to digest.

21.4g Protein, 4.7g BCAA, 1.9g Carbs

Cream Caramel | French Vanilla | Rich Chocolate | Summer Strawberry

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