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SAME SAME Plant-Based Meat Alternative

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The game-changer itself, that is both affordable and tastes great.  Plant-based protein that cooks and tastes just like your favourite meat but is made from premium pea protein with a little dash of flavour.  Same Same, but different.

Flavour: Mixed

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Gluten Free - Dairy Free - Vegan Friendly - Non GMO - High Protein

Same Same, our plant-based meat alternative that is both affordable and tastes great.  Plant-based protein goodness that cooks and tastes just like your favourite meat but is made from premium pea protein with a little dash of flavour. Same same, but different.

The mix comes in two great flavours - No Beef and No Chicken and can be used to make burger patties, rissoles, or in place of beef and chicken in your favourite bolognese or stir-fry dish.  Simply add ice-cold water, mix, fry and you have gourmet patties within 10 minutes!

Because it comes in a dry-mix Same Same is also fantastic for taking away on trips, camping and tramping as it doesn't go off in the heat and just needs water, a pan and a heat source!

At $2.35 per 100g serve we are proud to offer a premium product that is helping high-protein plant-based eating to be accessible to all.

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MIXED BOX Contains - 1 x No Beef (Makes 500g) and 1 x No Chicken (Makes 500g)

No Chicken Box comes with Two sachets of No Chicken that make 500g each with water.

No Beef Box contains 2 x No Beef Sachets (Each sachet makes 500g)

How to cook Same Same

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Joy Atkinson
Same same Chicken

Very easy to make up, good flavour and texture, very easy protein source. Used it in "meatballs" with pasta sauce and as little burger patties

Lesley Hutton
I really wanted to like it.

It was very easy to make and I really wanted to like it but I couldn't eat it. I love how in Asia they have a lot of Buddhist vegetarain restaurants that have so many meat alternatives that all taste amazing. I wish NZ would try and crack those recipes as they are game-changing. I support this company and love all other products though.

maurice mckeown
the young ones

It's not my call but grandaughter (vegetarian) says YES YES!

Karen Carter
Easy to use

Made patties from the chicken so easy to make really tasty and when cold slice them up and add to a salad. Tried the beef as a mince. Would make a lovely pie.
Enjoyed both. Great for any pantry.

Pauline Tomokino
No Beef

Omg i love it tastes amazing and no funky after taste like some products i have had,
I will buy some more because now my family love it Winner winner No Beef dam good dinner🙌