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Fibre 4 - 750g Refill Bag

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Flavour: Vanilla

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Lowers sugar and fat uptake.

Fibre 4 - 750g Refill Bag - Keeping costs and weight to a minimum. Designed to refill your existing Fibre 4 Prebiotic container or store it in another airtight container.
*Please transfer contents into your existing Fibre 4 Prebiotic Jar or other airtight containers within five days of receiving the product for maximum freshness.


Fibre 4 is a plant-based supplement that contains a superblend of prebiotic fibre, seaweed, and plant-extracts to support weight loss, suppress hunger, and promote intestinal wellbeing.

Please note: Due to the high fibre content of this powder you may wish to start with a smaller serving size (5g-10g) and gradually increase over 1-2 weeks to build tolerance.

Not suitable for women that are pregnant or breastfeeding due to the laxative effects.

  • How to use

    Blend one scoop (20g) with 1 cup of cold water. For appetite suppressing effects consume 30-60 minutes before mealtime.

    To avoid clumping please blend with a magic bullet or similar blender. 

  • Servings

    Servings per package: 37. Serving size: 20g

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Adrienne Priday
Good fibre

Vanilla tastes good!
Excellent to reduce cravings, feel full so don’t tend to over eat

Vanessa Hirini
So good!

My kids call it the ‘fart powder’ hahaha but it tastes delicious! I don’t need it for fibre, but I find it fills a gap when I want a snack ☺️

Great in smoothies, not a stand alone.

I enjoy the Fibre4 but only in smoothies, you can’t taste it which I like. I tried once to drink solo and gagged. Tasted too sweet and unnatural. I’m currently pregnant (been using before and now during) it’s a bit of a lifesaver now I’m pregnant and need more fibre !

Love this

Quick and easy way to increase your fibre intake. Definitely recommend a small amount on a regular basis (ie teaspoon a day) can be added to almost anything. Tastes great. Another awesome Nothing Naughty product thanks :)

Fibre 4 - 750g Refill Bag

Great product and super yummy