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Keto Sweetener 300g

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A blend of three natural low-carb sweeteners - erythritol, stevia and katemfe fruit extract (thaumatain)  to make the perfect keto-friendly sugar substitute.  Use in a 1:1 ratio in place of sugar in baking and other recipes.

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  • Packaging & Recycling

    ♻️ Our Keto Sweetener pouch is soft plastic recyclable! Click here to find a drop-off store.

Customer Reviews

Based on 88 reviews
Not great in baking

I thought I would use this as a healthy white sugar substitute in baking. Unfortunately it totally altered the texture of both biscuits and cakes. I think sugar caramelises when heated in the oven. This didn’t happen using this product. Biscuits didn’t have their normal crunch and cakes didn’t look the same. Wouldn’t recommend for baking so now it is just used in tea and coffee and I have to use a lot to taste any sweetness so probably wouldn’t buy again.

Bonnie-Joy Smith
Keto Sweetner

Love this product

Maureen Guildford
Keto sweetner

I have tried quite a few sweetners and this is the first one I have liked. No bitter after taste.

Janenne Blackler
Sweet as...

Great alternative to sugar... +++

Liz Quarrie

my go too bulk sweetener