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NZ Whey Protein - 1kg Refill Bag

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Flavour: Natural

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Protein Powder Refill Bags - Keeping costs and weight to a minium. Designed to refill you existing protein powder container or store in other airtight container.

*Please transfer contents into your existing Whey Protein or other airtight container within five days of receiving product for maximum freshness.

100% Premium NZ Whey Protein Concentrate and nothing else. Ideal for pre-post workout or as way to increase dietary protein intake. For best results blend with water, milk, or in a smoothie with a bullet or blender.  May also be added to raw and cooked baking recipes.

All natural, no fillers. Best tasting NZ-made protein powders.

For full ingredients please see the Whey Protein Powder Jar version of this product.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 98 reviews
Carey Hedges
Best Whey Powder

Love this whey protein powder. No nasty fillers & additives, just pure whey protein from grass fed cows. Sustainable refill packaging & the great glass jar to store. It’s the only protein powder I buy.

Paul Hewitson
Whey protein

Great to have the recycle package
Do you want it returned?

Love it!

This is exactly what I wanted. I wanted a protein powder to put in smoothies so this is perfect because the flavor doesn’t come through I can make any flavour smoothie with it. Perfect, I can’t fault it.

Pretty good - not at all gritty

Its like sweet milk with a very mild flavor. I got vanilla and I don't know if I like it that much but my mum convinced me to get it over the chocolate - next time I'm trying the chocolate!!
I absolutely love the refill bag option and the free delivery.

Happy Customer
Absolutely Delicious!

I tried the plain whey powder before purchasing this one, and enjoyed it, but this whey is a whole other level of delicious. It tastes like a chocolate milkshake, mixes beautifully, has a great smooth texture, and best of all, comes in a paper bag to refill the jar I got with my first order. Definitely worth giving a try, and so good for the environment with the eco-friendly packaging and reusable jars in mind.