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Green Smoothie Bowl

Green Smoothie Bowl

Looking for new ways to increase your daily dose of the green stuff? Green smoothie bowls are a great way to up your daily vegetable intake whilst disguising them as a tasty breakfast, or snack.  This recipe includes avocado for added creaminess and is 100% vegan friendly with our Nothing Naughty Pea Protein & Vege Powder. Gluten-free, high protein, high nutrients, no added sugar, dairy-free optional.


1 small frozen banana, chopped
2 TBSP avocado
1/4 C fresh baby spinach leaves
1/2 C milk of choice
1 TBSP desiccated coconut
1 scoop Nothing Naughty pea or whey protein
1 scoop Nothing Naughty rebalance vege powder

1.  Blend all ingredients together in blender or magic bullet until a thick, creamy texture is formed. Pour into a bowl and top with your choice of toppings (shown in picture is granola, cacao nibs, and desiccated coconut)

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