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Nothing Naughty Reviews

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Electrolyte powder review

I have bought this before and I find it works for me and is also refreshing.
I have found though the slightest bit if dampness when opening and closing the bag can have detrimental effect on the product- it doesn't dissolve but starts to stick. I put it in my drink bottle and have to change spoons after first teaspoon if slightest bit of moisture gets on the spoon.


Love them. Pineapple is my favourite. This will not be my last box , so yum

Love it!

Great way of boosting the protein content of my morning smoothie

Great product

Thanks very fast and good product.

Great taste

First time trying the lime milkshake flavour and I like it a lot. Great for smoko or a quick healthy snack when on the go. My go to protein treat.


These bars are so tasty. I have one for lunch and keeps me going til dinner. Will be ordering more.

Liquorice Request Bars

Love, love, love the liquorice bars!! It feels like a decadent treat at morning tea and it keeps me going until lunch. I like the chewy texture, it feels like you’re actually eating something substantial. Tried the toffee but I didn’t like the taste. Will stick with the liquorice. Thanks!

The best

I want to eat one of these every day for the rest of my life. Maybe the pineapple one too.

Unfortunately not edible

I get these are low carb and good for you but man they are pretty much impossible to eat. I like that they're chewy. I like all the other kinds of bars just not the request bars. Tried mint and toffee flavours and had to throw away, no one in house liked them at all.

Pretty Good

It's quite nice considering all the vitamins and things in it. A little bit of a chalky texture but I will try putting it in the fridge as someone mentioned below. I personally liked the choc mint one a little better, but this is fine too. It's filling.

Keto Sweetener 1kg
Liz Quarrie

my go too bulk sweetener

Doesn't trigger my headaches!!

I'm on a very restrictive diet to fix my migraines and this protein powder is absolutely safe and isn't triggering anything for me! I get the natural flavour one and blend it into smoothies and I can't taste it, and the texture is perfect, too. Also really well priced at just over a dollar per serving, highly recommend it.

Best bar by far

Will order again so tasty and satisfying best bar I have bought for taste and price

Lean Bean Protein - 500g Jar

Delicious,best plant based protein I have had, keeps me full all day, fast delivery , wonderful company, thanku

Yummy protein bars!

Love these! Have enjoyed the mixed flavoured box. Feels like a treat with the chocolate coating and chewy textures

Chocolate protein smoothie

Delicious protein powder. One of the nicest protein powders I’ve had. Perfect on its own or mixed with other ingredients to make a substantial smoothie knowing you have the protein hit. Love the glass jar it comes in and very good value for the amount you get.

Best tasting traditional protein bars around

For a traditional protein bar texture, these blow everything out of the water flavor-wise. Up there with the best overall (when you add in wafers, crisps, caramel/sauce layers. Great price and reasonably filling.

Perfect mix of a bar taking a little more time to eat so you don't feel cheated, while tasting amazing so the chewier time is actually enjoyable - personally mint choc and pineapple are amazing.

Really happy to have found this brand!


Yum flavour, good energy boost!

Fibre Syrup 250ml
Joelyn Gibson
Great Syrup

Great for my keto sweets, unfortunately one bottle leaked during transit.


So delicious. Having it while pregnant to add to the protein intake and it tastes so good. Not too sweet but satisfies that chocolate craving at the same time and not gritty at all. Absolutely love the jar it comes in. Highly recommend.


The taste is so much better than any other brand I’ve tried. It doesn’t have that synthetic aftertaste either. Delicious

Bounce berry


Great tasting protein bars

Awesome stuff

Fruit Bars - Box of 12
Tracey McGregor
Fruit bars

Best bars I have ever tried, they are soft and juicy and really full you up. Great taste, great value for money.


Absolutely love these bars, we make sure the cudboards are stocked favourite flavours are flat white, salted caramel and lime 😋