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Nothing Naughty Reviews

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Harder to dissolve

Subtle caramel flavour, but works well with a bit of vanilla essence or cocoa powder. I am new to these products and was curious about the caramel flavour. Would not order Caramel again as Vanilla dissolves better. The powdery aftertaste of the Caramel isn’t particularly nice but 5 stars for excellent customer service and quick shipping. Thank you.


Easy to use, and serviceable little scoop.

Not for me

I purchased these because of the low carb rating, but unfortunately my stomach thought better of it and after trying three, I realised there is something in them that disagrees with me. I love the concept though.

So Good

so very tasty, lime my fave so far, highly recommend


Great tasting and sooooo good for me

Love this product!

Was recommended electrolytes as during menopause your body isn’t as efficient at stating hydrated. This product has been amazing - it keeps me hydrated and it tastes GREAT. I love both the watermelon & lime flavours and will keep on taking this daily. I also love that it’s made here in NZ and I’m supporting local.

Good fibre product

I have been adding to smoothies and on top of yoghurts. It is sweet but not noticeable when mixed in.
I have been using it to help increase fullness and have been really happy with the results. Going well so far :)

Soooooo good

OK I was a bit optimistic about how this was going to taste as I LOVE tomato sauce and this DID NOT disappoint! So good, have re-ordered. Give it a try

Not the greatest

I was being super hopeful. BUT - texture is a bit like soggy weetbix mixed with grit. Not the most pleasant texture - definitely NOT a pancake mix. If you cover it with maple syrup and Greek yoghurt - thennnn they arent too bad

NO after taste!

These bars are great - there is no weird after taste and the flavours are great. If purchasing for the 1st time, definitely recommend getting the Mixed Flavours box so you can find your favs.

Excellent product

Oh my goodness this product does it job well e energy level off the roof love it will be buying more...

Excellent product

I have gut issues and this product helps alot I use to go toilet every 4 to 5 days now I go daily I love it recommend to all who have gut issues this works will be buying more


Hubby and I embarked on a weight loss journey 3 months ago and these delicious bars have been a key element of our success! So much so that when doing an OE to Europe we brought a box with us - priceless!!

Keto Koko hot chocolate

It’s extremely nice, love the peppermint one ❤️

Loving this so much. I have it in my morning coffee. My hair feels softer, my skin feels and looks brighter.


As a dairy free reviewer so good to find a protein bar that is delicious and dairy free. Thanks team these are the best!

Peanut Butter Powder

Used to make your Peanut Butter cups. Easy to mix. Very pleased.

Pineapple plant bites

Great taste. Nice for a sweet snack in the afternoon.


Love this product, partnered with vanilla protein powder, which I have every morning mixed into my yoghurt. It's on my regular order!

Liquorice chew

I love liquorice and like the idea of eating a liquorice product that contains protein and that's not full of sugar. Unfortunately, it sticks in your teeth quite badly when eating, so not a great eating experience, and will likely not buy again.

Delicious Weight Watchers friendly bars

Delicious bars that fit well into my Weight Watchers program. The whole family love them.

Love this product

I use this Egg White Protein Powder to make bread as I’m on the Carnivore diet. It makes a great loaf of bread that is the closest thing to ordinary bread I’ve had. Great to be able to have cheese on toast again. Hope it’s back in stock soon.